Everyone seems to blow a duck call differently and everyone has their own idea of what the perfect call should sound like.  I always had calls on my lanyard that I considered to be good, but they never seemed to produce the sound that I thought an excellent call should.  I decided to make my own calls that were exactly what I wanted instead of settling for something that was good enough.  

I strive to make calls that will be productive in the field as well as easy on the eyes.  I hope these calls will help you enjoy your hunts even more than you already do. 

Having a father who loved not only hunting and fishing, but also loved taking his boy to do these things gave me more hunting and fishing opportunities than most people will ever have growing up or even in a lifetime.  From antelope in Wyoming, bear in British Columbia, turkey in New Mexico, Kansas, and all throughout Texas, to our usual hunting and fishing trips around the house, dad and I have spent lots of time together in the woods and on the water. 

Being around the sport of hunting and the outdoors all my life, a passion for hunting came natural.  Growing up in East Texas put me within 30 minutes of three different lakes and ample opportunity for hunting and fishing. 

Some people love our sport, and then there are others to whom our sport is a way of life.  This way of life, love of hunting and the outdoors, and blessings from God are the reason that Walker’s Waterfowl Calls is in existence. 

Remember to thank God for giving us the amazing and unique opportunities that we have as outdoorsmen to experience the beauty, calmness, and wonders that he has created in the outdoors.  There are few things in life more amazing than watching the sunrise on a cold morning of duck season.  Well of course this sunrise wouldn't be complete without a few ducks flying in as well. I hope yall have good luck and good huntin’!

~ James Walker